Take time and try it on: The Wednesday 1-2-3

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Happy Wednesday Reader!

Here's 1 teaching, 2 questions, and 3 resources to explore this week:

1. Teaching

How often do you feel pressure to respond immediately?

In our urgency-driven society, it can seem like there’s never time to take a breath, to move slowly, to pause for a moment, or – dare I say it – to enjoy a nap in the middle of a workday.

But usually…there is.

Christena Cleveland, a social psychologist and public theologian had this to say on a recent podcast:

I move through life so fast. That’s how I’ve been able to be so ‘productive.’

And that has only harmed me because when I’m just rushing through, I just default to the capitalistic systems and to the fears.

But it’s funny, because nowadays probably the most common thing people on my team will say I say is, ‘we don’t have to decide right now.’

Because I want to try things on in my sacred Black feminine body.

Before we make decisions, I want it to live in my body for weeks, months at a time.

‘Sure, that’s a great idea. Let me try it on in my body and see how it feels carrying this idea around with me for the next week and we’ll circle back.’

Pause for a moment and let this teaching simmer within you.

What would it feel like to "try things on" in your body before making a final decision? What might you need to say to the people around you in order to create the space for that kind of full-bodied processing?

2. Questions

  1. How is this idea – of pausing, delaying, resting, taking a moment, "trying it on" – landing in your body? What hesitations, fears, and counter-narratives show up within you?
  2. What stories have you been told about what could happen if you slow down, take too long a break, or ask for more time? Are these stories true to your experience? How have these stories impacted your approach to life?

3. Resources

⏪ If you missed last week's email:

I shared a beautiful poem from James A. Pearson.

Sending you good vibes,


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This 90-minute workshop is for folks processing the impacts of their religious upbringing on their sense of personal story, identity, and worth.

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I support folks who are questioning the stories they were handed (by religion, by capitalism, by their families) and who are seeking new practices that resonate with their evolving spirituality and identity.

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