For those of us who grew up in religious spaces, we were handed a unique collection of stories: about who we are, our worth and dignity, our autonomy (or lack thereof), and our place in the world.

Some of these stories have served us well as we've grown older.

But then there are those stories, often messages of control and power, that have been used to remove our autonomy and separate us from our goodness and inherent dignity.

In this workshop, you'll be introduced to:

  • the impact of low-consent vs. high-consent group dynamics on our personal sense of identity,
  • practices for examining the messages we've internalized, as well as those we see around us, and
  • practical strategies for continuing to navigate these complex and nuanced spaces within ourselves.

Learn more about the facilitators: Catherine Quiring | Andrew Lang

In order to provide financial accessibility, this workshop is being offered on a Pay What You Want basis. (Suggested Price: $15)