While part of you may know that hard conversations are vital for personal growth, community health, and systemic change, you've likely experienced the automatic reaction of defensiveness when faced with internal or interpersonal conflict.

Defensiveness arises to protect what our egos deem to be most important: our beliefs, our values, our sense of connection, and our idealized role in being part of "the solution".

Defending these aspects of our identities is natural, but staying in a defensive posture can decrease our effectiveness and take a toll on our relationships and our inner sense of well-being.

In this workshop, you'll be introduced to:

  • what the Enneagram reveals about the roots of defensive patterns and behaviors,
  • ways to learn from your defensiveness and move into a more healing posture, and
  • practical tips + strategies for seeing yourself and your communities with soft eyes.

Learn more about the facilitators: Caryn Berley | Andrew Lang

In order to provide financial accessibility, this workshop is being offered on a Pay What You Want basis. (Suggested Price: $15)