The Wednesday 1-2-3

Taking your next halting step: The Wednesday 1-2-3

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

Happy Wednesday Reader!

I really struggled with knowing what to share this week.

I had written and re-written this email a couple times, and the teaching I had planned for this week just didn’t quite feel “right.” Intellectually, it was fine, but in my body there was a quality of “offness,” or unease. I experienced it as a numb but deeply obvious and visceral, "meh."

And so on Monday, which is when I usually finalize these emails, I hopped on Instagram and found myself staring at the poem below by my friend and Tacoma-based poet, James A. Pearson.

Unlike the teaching I had planned, these kind words from James reverberated within my story and within my current questions.

And and I knew it would be the teaching this week.

1. Teaching

If the image doesn't appear, you can access it here.

2. Questions

  1. What is the next "halting step," however imperfect or poorly planned, you are being invited to make?
  2. How have your grand visions kept you immobilized, frozen from any movement at all?

3. Resources

⏪ If you missed last week's email:

I shared a practice from Imam Jamal Rahman called "sacred holding."

Sending you good vibes,


Introspection As Community Care

I sat down with Kate Holly last month and recorded this conversation. In it, we talk about scarcity mindset, dignity, and the intersection of spirituality and activist work.

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