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Whose voice has made a home in you? The Wednesday 1-2-3

Published 7 months ago • 1 min read

Happy Wednesday Reader!

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Alright - here's our teaching, questions, and resources to explore this week:

1. Teaching

There have been times in my life when I haven’t recognized the person I’ve become.

Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise – the moments I realize I’m actually really proud of me, awe-struck thankful for the ways my parents have guided me, and head-over-heels in gratitude to my community and the folks who surround me.

And then there are the times when I realize – even while I hold everything above as true – that I’ve taken on shapes and behaviors and beliefs I didn’t really intend to. These are the moments I realize I’ve followed someone else instead of discerning what I actually wanted. Or when I find myself chastising myself with shame-dripping words from someone else’s voice.

Cole Arthur Riley writes to each of us:

“Be careful whose voice you let make a home in you. Release what isn’t welcome. Release what was never yours to hold.”

And she offers this practice for those of us who find ourselves in this confusing state of becoming:

I listen for what’s true.
I release what isn’t welcome.

2. Questions

  1. When have you internalized someone else’s voice until you couldn’t distinguish it from your own? How has this impacted you in your body, your behaviors, and/or your beliefs?
  2. Take a moment to name some of the stories you tell yourself about yourself. (You might respond to the question: “Who are you, really?”) What truth is in your response? What are you being invited to release?

3. Resources

⏪ If you missed last week's email:

I shared a teaching from Christena Cleveland about "trying on" our decisions in our bodies.

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90-minute Inner Exploration Workshop

This virtual workshop is for folks processing the impacts of their religious upbringing on their sense of personal story, identity, and worth.

Andrew Lang - The Wednesday 1-2-3

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